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Dr. E's SUPER reads

Jun 30, 2020

In 2017, Mark Barnes amassed a collection of chapters of books from the Hack Learning series. He put the best of the best into one book, allowing readers to “try before you buy” for the full book. Great for novice teachers or those who want to try something new or switch things up a bit.

Jun 16, 2020

If you are in or thinking about sitting in the Superintendent chair, you’re going to face challenges that you can’t even make up if you tried to. This book (published in 2018) is a fantastic collection of scenarios and resources that will help you navigate the educational seas.

Jun 3, 2020

Chromebooks have become a staple in and out of the classroom today. The book reviewed covers everything you want to know about Chromebooks, from soup to nuts. It also has lesson plans and contributions from over 60 educators. Whether you are green or a pro in using chromebooks, this episode is for you.